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Use The Internet to Connect with Kids

We use DiscipleLand Curriculum for grades 1 – 6 on Sunday mornings during their BFG time.  I encourage you to check out this great resource that you can use at home that picks up where your child left off in BFG.  It will reinforce what they are learning each week assisting them to truly know the lessons and hide God’s Word in their heart.

Contact your child’s BFG teacher to get the class code to access their specific lessons.  The following info will give you a good overview of what you can expect.

Kids are on the Internet. Whether we like it or not, the Internet today is not something kids are fascinated with, it is simply a part of their life. It’s not “new” to them, it is just their world. Being online is normal for them. In fact, if you aren’t online, they may almost wonder what’s wrong with you. While we can decry the dangers of the Internet (as we should!) and provide advice on use and filters (and we should!) one of the best ways to address the problem is not to only fight it, but redeem it.
The Internet provides incredible opportunity to connect with kids during the week and in the home. And DiscipleLand has jumped on this opportunity and added a FREE service for DiscipleLand teachers to connect with their students and for parents to invest computer time into more spiritual beneficial activities.
It’s called DISCIPLEZONE.com
It’s a place for kids to continue learning after church, for parents to connect with their child’s teacher and for teacher’s to have a way to greet their kids during the week an extend the learning process.
And it’s all free!
Go to DiscipleZone.com (link opens in a separate window) and click on the KIDS button. Next you will see a fun control panel. This is where kids enter the key code found on the student take-home paper (highlighted by their teacher). It’s a simple code–the first dial is the curriculum level, 1-6. (enter 2 for example) Next is the quarter letter, A = Fall; B = Winter; C = Spring; D = Summer. (go ahead, enter B) The last dial is the lesson number. (for an example, choose any number.)
You will then be asked if you have a Class Code. Here is a trial code you can use:Enter TRTRT
You’ll be greeted by a screen with a Bible passage or story and a collection of buttons the kids can choose from.
Here is an overview of the elements offered to kids in DiscipleZone.
Every element of DiscipleZone contributes to the discipleship process:
DiscipleSkill The printed Disciple Guides offer 24 “how-to” skills for victorious Christian living . To see an overview of the DiscipleSkill development plan, click here
Children memorize Bible verses that capture the heart of each lesson. Find the KeyVerse on the printed Disciple Guides for each lesson.
XploreMore For each Bible lesson, kids and parents enjoy additional pictures, background information discussion questions, and family activities. Encourage parents to read the text together, discuss the questions, and commit to doing the suggested activities as a family.
Children meet a new people group each quarter, expanding their focus to regions around the globe! WorldWatch also offers missionary biographies and missions education segments to be taught by teachers or parents. To see an overview of WorldWatch missions education, click here.
DiscipleLand’s Bible Reading Plan. Kids and parents read through a specific part of the Bible each week, based on their grade level. To see the complete reading plan, click here.
Children encounter classic hymns that have inspired Christians for centuries. For a complete list of hymns studied, click here.
DCP Live These engaging stories, starring Dee, Cy, Paul, and Chip, reinforce each Bible lesson and will help your kids apply God’s Word to their lives. To learn more about Dee, Cy, and Paul, click here.
One of the cool features is the ability to leave a note for the kids. Be sure to click on the Yellow Note for a note from ME to YOU! (You’ll never know the message until you check!)
There are so many creative applications to this note feature beyond just a nice greeting to the kids. Use it to:
  • Ask a review question that if they bring the answer on a slip of paper, you’ll have a treat for them!
  • Provide a “code word” of the week that if they know it, they get to volunteer in class for games etc.
  • Let them know about class events and activities.
  • Announce who has a birthday this week!
  • Tell them to wear a certain color shirt to church on Sunday!
  • Ask them to bring props that will go with your lesson.
There is enough content for each week for parents and kids to spend 10-15 minutes exploring the topic they learned about in church a little further, as well as learning about missions and some historical hymns, complete with music playing.
DiscipleZone.com equips parents and teachers to use the Internet to build upon the learning that took place at church.
Originally posted at Raising Godly Children.


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