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10 Things Awana Leaders Wish They Could Tell Parents


Written by Linda Weddle.

Life Threads is not the only blog I do for Awana – I also do the parenting blog:  apparentlyblogging.awana.org  (In fact, I invite you to read the thoughts I posted yesterday on teaching children to pray.) For the past two years, I’ve started off the Awana year with this post – and it’s one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done – so I thought I’d share it here. What other thoughts would YOU like to add to the list?

Since it’s the beginning of a new school year, I’ve been noticing lists of thoughts teachers wish they could discuss with parents. So, I thought I’d do a list of things Awana leaders wish they could discuss with dads and moms.

1. We love your kids – a LOT. We’re at Awana because we know that teaching kids the Word of God is absolutely the most valuable thing we can do with our time.

2. Yes, we get tired. Most of us have full time jobs at an office or factory somewhere or spend our days with our own kids. We don’t get paid for being Awana leaders (and no, we don’t live at church). Yet again, we know that the privilege of working with YOUR children is a responsibility that can’t be compared to most of the things we do.

3. Because we often come to Awana straight from cooking supper or getting home from work, we need a little time to set up. When you drop your kids off at the door a half hour early and then leave – that means we are now responsible for your children and miss some of that time we need to prepare. Please don’t drop your child off more than ten or fifteen minutes before club. (We know there are special circumstances – and we’re willing to work with you if you explain the circumstances.)

4. Likewise, we need to get a good night’s sleep — and still have things to do at home like get our clothes ready for the next day, make lunches for our own kids, etc…  Please don’t come for your child a half hour after dismissal. (Again, we understand that things happen that occasionally cause you to be a little late.)

5. Part of what we do at Awana is play games. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Kids usually find it difficult to run around the circle in flip-flops or shoes with two-inch heels. Oh, and you might want to make sure your child is wearing a belt if his pants are too big. We’ve seen more than one child have to hold up his pants as he runs.

6. We know that some of you haven’t attended church very much and might have questions about your child’s verses.  Please ask. That’s why we’re here.

7. Yes, we know that sometimes we forget to give a child an award. Trust us. We don’t forget on purpose just to give your child a hard time. But we’re human and sometimes something gets lost in communication and we miss something. Just tell us or have your child tell us and we’ll check it out – really, we will.  We promise.

8. Our leaders have been through our church’s child protection classes. We’re real sorry we didn’t let your child go home with your sister, but we’ve never seen her before and her name isn’t on your child’s approved list.  We want to keep your child safe, so if someone we don’t know is picking her up, please contact us before hand.

9. Yes, we know your child is busy with school, gymnastics, drama, art, computer games and tv watching, but simply spending five or ten minutes a day would probably be enough for him to do two sections a week. And, if you helped him study, he might even be able to do more than two sections.  What better way to get into discussions about the good things God says to us in His Word than talking about the verses he learns?

10. A lot goes on during the time your child is at Awana. We might have a clubber trip over a chair and hurt her foot, we might have a boy angry that he didn’t win a contest, we might spend ten minutes working with a child on a verse (that he should’ve learned at home) and we might have had the privilege of leading a young life to the Lord.  We need your prayers. Please don’t EVER stop praying for us!

This was originally posted at http://lifethreads.awana.org/10-things-awana-leaders-wish-they-could-tell-parents/ and written by Linda Weddle.



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