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Smorgasbord of Family Info: For Fathers & Daughters-Ideas on Helping Children Memorize Scripture-Kids Camp 2012

Ok, I had several things I wanted to highlight and I couldn’t decide on just one, thus the Smorgasbord (don’t you love that word!) Say it three times fast…go on. Now you are smiling, aren’t you. If not, you made your co-workers smile.  It is a good day.

Well, I figured since people like to have options, it may draw a few more people to use this website since reading the worship guide is over-rated and out-dated{excuse the sarcasm}.  Really, its all about the number of hits I get (I’m not shallow)! Plus, its makes all you adults with ADD happy too.

In all seriousness, I want to express my gratitude to Rebecca Strozier and Claire Ahern for planning and preparing for our first annual “A Night Under the Stars” Father-Daughter Dance this past weekend.  It was tremendous. Rich Hawkins shared a wonderful message from the Word of God that was thoroughly Gospel-centered and full of grace, and at the same time challenging. Words cannot express the joy that the Fathers and daughters experienced that night, especially on the dance floor…and the laughter.  If you can imagine a bunch of Baptists dancing.  It was humorous.  I’ve heard daughters say that they cannot wait for next year. 

Each Father at the dance was given the following info along with a list of helpful resources, so I wanted to share this for those who could not come, or if you lost yours between the dance and home.

Seven components to a Father’s Assignment for Raising Daughters:      By Dr. James Dobson

  1. First, a dad’s leadership at home should be a model of strength and authority, but always tempered by love and compassion. Harsh discipline tends to close down a sensitive feminine spirit, but permissiveness and capriciousness can create lifelong disdain for men.
  2. Second, a dad must remember that he is being watched closely by that little girl around his knees. The way he treats her mother will teach her volumes about how men and women should relate to one another. Blatant disrespect toward his wife will not be missed by the child.
  3. Third, I think it is good to begin “dating” a daughter when she is six years of age, or even earlier. Dad should let the child help plan their evenings and then see that they occur when and where promised. These times together are not intended simply for fun, although that is important. The father can also use them to show his daughter how a man treats a woman he respects. He can open doors for her, help her with her chair, and listen attentively when she speaks. Later, when she is a teenager, she will know what to expect–or insist on–from the boys she dates.
  4. Fourth, a dad should always look for ways to build the self-confidence of his little girl. If she believes he thinks she is pretty and “special,” she will be inclined to see herself that way. He holds the key to her self-acceptance.
  5. Fifth, a father should keep the lines of communication open throughout childhood so that he is seen as someone to whom his daughter can turn when she needs advice. She will need that counsel before she is grown.
  6. Sixth, God designed men to be the “providers and protectors” of their families. Their daughters should perceive them that way. Dad is often his little girl’s “hero,” and it is wonderful when that kind of relationship develops.
  7. Seventh, a father must be the spiritual leader of his family, making clear his devotion to Jesus Christ and to the principles in Scripture. He should give the highest priority to bringing up his daughters, and his sons, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

From: Dr. James Dobson at  http://drjamesdobson.org/Solid-Answers/Answers?a=3b1f9d3e-17d8-4375-9aca-d69422274423

The following is from the AWANA website.  We cannot overstate the importance of memorizing God’s Word, yet we tend to put a lower priority on it in comparison to other spiritual disciplines.  

How can we help our kids memorize more of God’s Word?

  • Play the popcorn game. Your child sits in a chair. Say a few words of a verse and then stop. Your child should stand up and say the next word. Continue with the verse. When you stop again, your child should sit back down and say the next word. Continue in this way through the verse until your child has it memorized. For fun, change places. Let your child say the verse while you stand up and sit down.
  • Draw, or have your child draw, simple pictures or symbols for key words in the verse. Let her look at the pictures while she memorizes.
  • Play verse charades. Take turns or divide into teams and act out the verses your family has learned, using standard charades rules.
  • Write six to 12 different Bible verse references on the bottom inside cups of an egg carton. Put a button or piece of candy inside the carton, close the lid and shake the carton. Ask your child to recite the verse on which the button or candy lands.
  • Sit on the floor with your child. Say the first word of a verse and roll or toss a ball to your child. Your child says the next word of the verse and rolls the ball back to you. Continue this pattern until the verse is completed.
  • Share a verse with your child that you are currently memorizing yourself.

Parents, if you have not registered your child for our annual Kids Camp this Summer, you still have time.  Below is the basic information that you need.  We plan to have a couple of fundraisers to assist with the cost, but feel free to have your own fundraisers for your children.  We don’t want finances to be a hindrance to your child attending this great camp.

KIDSCamp 2012:  CREATED!
Date:  July 27 – July 30
Location:  The Country Place, Moscow, TN
Ages:  Completed 1st – 6th Grades
Cost:  $160.00

Deposit of $55/child is due on Sunday, April 29th.  Information about the camp is available outside Jeff’s office along with a money drop box for payments.

Subjects Covered:

  • Who Created the World…Big Bang or Big God?
  • Evolution:  Someone is Trying to Make a Monkey Out of You
  • The X-Tinct Files:  Where did the Dinosaurs Go?
  • The Image of God:  You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • Christ and the Cross, and our Final Destination

Vacation Bible School 2012:  SKY!

  • June 11-15
  • We ask our church family to PRE-REGISTER our children beginning Sunday, April 15 – May 20.  This will greatly help in organizing our groups and ordering resources.  You may sign up at the Ticket Counter or ONLINE at our church’s website
  • We are continuing to receive volunteers. Sign up at the Ticket Counter.


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