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A God-Sized Vision for Parents

Raising children is a challenging task! How’s that for stating the obvious. Parenting is made even more difficult due to the amount of access our children have to the internet, social media, and technology. If we are not careful, we, as parents, can abdicate our guidance, and our children  gravitate to Google or other web-based sources for guidance in life. In fact, this is already happening. In an article by Danny Akin, it states that 50% of the world’s population is now under the age of 25! They have more in common with the emerging global culture than with adults of their own culture simply due to the fact that their world is shaped predominately by the media and technology, and English (which is the language of the internet). They are more apt to “learn from social media websites, not the dinner table. They go to YouTube and they Google. Whereas parents once were a primary source for information and guidance, tragically this often is no longer the case.” (http://betweenthetimes.com/)

We, as parents, cannot afford to be neutral about our role in our children’s lives.  We cannot succumb to the pressure of that’s just the way it is, and allow the current culture to dictate our priorities, our level of influence, and our role as our child’s primary discipler. God has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence (1 Peter 1). We are to teach and live this out before our children.

Why is this important? The Lord has a greater vision than just our family for he sees nations of parents and children, families of all ethnic groups, children born under every language, cultured in every tribe yet totally blind to the One True God, worshiping idols made by the hands of men. He wants to reach the nations through you and your children! How?

In Genesis 18:17-19, God reiterates His plan to bless all nations in Abraham. It’s Abraham’s Great Commission!  But how? How would one man impact all nations for the Gospel? Its an enormous task; one that is impossible by any man’s abilities. God gives Abraham His strategy for accomplishing His vision to reach all people.

Here is the Lord’s strategy: Abraham must “command (teach, disciple) his children and household after him to keep the way of the Lord…”

This is incredible! What a huge vision. Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations. How? “Command (teach, disciple) your children and your household after you(parents) to keep the way of the Lord.” That’s how! Does this not show the vital importance of us as parents discipling our children in the ways of the Lord. It begins in the home! Reaching the nations begins in my living room!

Hudson Taylor, the great missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission, was taught the things of God by his parents and given a vision to reach people.  They saw the masses of lost people, and built Hudson through the Gospel. His parents never left England, but they had a huge impact on millions of Chinese coming to Christ through the ministry of Hudson. His legacy lives on to this day.

If the church is to reach the nations for the Gospel, then it must begin in my home and your home. What will we do today to build up our child in order that Jesus’ name will be worshiped by people of all languages, tribes, and cultures? Let’s not abdicate our privileged role to teach and live out the Gospel before our children. Recall 2 Peter 1:3!



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