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The Atmosphere of Our Homes

I came across this blog by Trevin Wax, and thought how helpful it is to me to examine the culture or atmosphere of my home. How would my kids describe it? It may be interesting to see if Carol Ann’s view matches my own, and if our kids’ view of the culture of our home matches our view. It may hurt to hear too! No pain, no gain, right?

Couple of Questions are: What steps do I take to improve the culture of my home to reflect God’s grace in every area? What areas need the most improvement? If you are an all or nothing kind of person (like me) remember to tackle one or two areas and work on those, otherwise, its easy to throw in the towel. Then we must remember that we never arrive; that culture changes as the seasons of life change. That we need to continually grow to meet the changes within our families.  Now, the culture of grace never changes, but the application of it as our family matures and moves into different seasons of life.

Finally, rely on God’s grace through prayer trusting and depending that He is faithful to His promises.

Click on the link: http://trevinwax.com/2012/01/03/shaping-the-culture-of-your-home/



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